About the University of Edinburgh

At the University of Edinburgh, we’ve been influencing the world for more than 400 years. Each year we take on tomorrow’s greatest challenges. Each year is different – every person, teacher, project and every thought more exciting than the last. 

Whatever excites you, whatever your ambition, whatever makes you ‘you’, we know one thing; nothing ordinary comes from this extraordinary place. At Edinburgh, you’ll be in good company, doing good things, for the good of the environment and the world.

Driven by this passion, we’ve affected and empowered every one of our community. We believe this is possible because of a unique mix of three factors:

  • Place: The city of Edinburgh is famous for changing the way the world is understood. Its history and reputation rub off on us, every day. It inspires and lifts our expectations of what is possible.
  • People: Our staff, students, leaders and partners are talented, courageous, engaging and brilliant – and down-to-earth. They value wisdom, laughter, character – and each other.
  • Practice: We’re an encouraging space to explore, but at the same time, our research, teaching, and even our daily processes, are ambitious. We, and our global business partners, inspire you to aim high, push frontiers, deliver economic impact, drive sustainability. We’re bold and our results change the world.

Where our place, people, and practice meet, this is the University of Edinburgh.

We’re world famous for research, and although we're always looking for clever new solutions, we’re not just about high-profile successes. Everyone who comes here is enabled and encouraged to live a great and rounded life.

What and who is next, we don’t know, but we do know that after nearly half a millennium in this position, we're excited about what lies ahead. We’ve learned from mistakes. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved. We’re ready to celebrate our impact, and the independent spirits who share our values that we’ll meet along the way. Together, we’re the new problem solvers. Let’s make a positive, sustainable mark on the world.

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